Can You Take a Caravan to the Scilly Isles?

The Scilly Isles are a group of islands off the coast of Cornwall. The name derives from the Cornish word for “rocky place.” It is said that they were once called the “Isles of Serendip”. Serendipity is defined as an accidental discovery or finding something you weren’t looking for. There are many ways to get to these remote islands, but today we will focus on taking a Caravan to Scilly Isles.

One of the pleasures of owning a caravan in the United Kingdom is that you can explore the entire country. You are free to go anywhere and whenever you like, as long as it’s within reasonable limits. Because your caravan is permanently coupled to your automobile, you don’t have to wait to book lodging.

There’s nothing to stop you going north to the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, or even further north into Scotland or south to Cornwall, Devon, or somewhere completely different.

There is one location, though, that you will not be able to visit with a caravan unless you book a static caravan on an island.

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Why Can’t You Visit the Scilly Isles With a Caravan?

We’ve all heard of the Scilly Isles. They hardly seem more than a seafaring myth, but they exist. The six uninhabited islands, St Mary’s (or St Michael’s) Island, Tresco (or Three Islands), St Agnes or Wenhaver, Bryher or Great Sampson, and Gugh are part of the British Isles the same as London or Paris.

They aren’t your typical holiday destination because they are so remote perched off the coast of Cornwall in Europe’s southwest with nothing save for some sheep to break an otherwise empty horizon. But this is their allure: their remoteness offers peace, tranquility, and simplicity away from the rat race.

There’s also the issue of limited parking spaces, and although there are vehicles on the islands, you must travel around by taxi, bus, bike, or foot. Boats are essential for traveling between islands. Also in the caravan, you have a facility for the toilet also so you can poop easily in your caravan without any hesitation.

How You Can Have a Caravan Holiday on the Scilly Isles?

So, can you get away with having no caravan trip on the Scilly Isles? Not at all. There are several camping and motorhome parks on the islands that you may stay in. You will, however, have to stay in one of the caravans or other forms of accommodation at the actual sites rather than bringing your own.

The Scilly Isles are situated off the southwest coast of Ireland, Cornwall, or Brittany then. That’s if you’re looking at them on an old-fashioned map of the British Isles, but that basis of geography has changed, and nowadays they’re just considered to be part of Europe.

A contemporary visitor will find their way to either Penzance in Cornwall or St Mary’s Airport on the island served by some 37 airlines. Once there’s no shortage of parking spaces for cars or can stay in a hotel without fear of waking up each morning to find your vehicle gone. And this is not forgetting about the use of taxis (not all bikes), buses (whichever comes first) and walking – it takes about three hours for someone to walk to the other side of the Scilly Isles.

Boats are essential for traveling between islands, and it’s best not to be late or you won’t find one available when you get there – so plan if possible! You can hire a boat from Tresco Tour Boat Company. The cost is £45 per day plus fuel.

You can take a caravan or motorhome to the Scilly Isles, but you’ll need to book well in advance. The best way is probably by boat from Penzance across St Mary’s Sound – it takes about three hours and costs around £40 return for a car plus passengers. You should also be aware that there are only a limited number of spaces for caravans and motorhomes on the islands, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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Final Words:

No doubt traveling to the Scilly Isles will provide you with a fantastic experience. After all, it isn’t one of the most popular vacation spots for nothing. There is no need to try and bring your car or caravan. It isn’t just prohibited; it’s not even worth it. Even St Mary’s, the largest of the Scilly Isles, only has a population of around 500 people.

However, there are plenty of sites to stay on the islands that offer caravans and motorhomes for visitors. You can also take a bus or taxi around the isles, but make sure you have everything planned out before you go – as, with anything in life, nothing is more disappointing than not being able to find a boat on the other side of an island.

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