Best Caravan TV – 12V (Reviews & Guide)

Best Caravan TV: One of the best things about owning a caravan is that it affords you the opportunity to go on some amazing adventures. Whether it’s just down the coast or across Europe, there really is no limit to where you can roam. And while we’re usually pretty good at picking up our home comforts and necessities when we hit the road, there are always those few items that we forget – like a television! But before you venture out on an adventure without your telly, make sure you buy one of these Best 12V TVs for Caravan use. Read more about Best Caravan Aerials.

Features to Consider Before Purchase:


The best 12V TV for caravan use is usually slightly smaller than a typical television, so make sure you measure your space before buying.


Does the Best Caravan TV have an HDMI port? Or will you need to buy extra cables in order to attach it up to your other devices?

Remote Control:

Some Best TVs are only controlled by a Best Caravan remote control, which might be frustrating if you’re used to using your TV’s built-in controls.


As with most products the Best 12V TVs for caravan use will cost more than their home counterparts. Don’t go too cheap though as that can often mean lower quality!


Some Best Caravan TVs will come with the Best 12V TV for caravan use warranties, which can give you peace of mind when buying.


Best Caravan TVs will be a little bit lighter than regular Best TVs as they’re meant for traveling. Make sure you check the weight before purchasing.

Best Caravan TV List:

We’ve been looking into which current Tv’s are a good enough mention based on our own expertise and customer feedback, so you can discover the finest

Our recommendations below start at the most affordable and gradually rise in price as you go.

Cello 12 Volt 19″ inch ZRTMF0291:

Cello 12 Volt 19" inch ZRTMF0291 Traveller Satellite LED TV Made in the UK Black
  • 12 VOLT TV: 12 volt HD Ready LED TV with DVD player
  • SATELLITE TV: Terrestrial & Satellite Tuners for all Free to air HD channels (DVB-T/T2 DVB-S2)
  • BUILT-IN FUNCTION: Built-in Freeview T2 HD and Digital Freeview Channels, Miracast, DVD Player, satellite tuner
  • USB READY: Record digital TV and play media files from other devices
  • HDMI: Input for your external devices and consoles

A beautiful, 12 volt TV that comes with a built-in DVD player. Never has entertainment been so accessible to the public! With powerful LED screens and high-quality satellite options that can change your life forever, this is the perfect purchase for anyone looking to get out of their truck at drink time.

The Cello 12-Volt 19″ inch TV is the perfect product for travelers and anyone looking to save space. With built-in Freeview T2 HD and Freeview channels, Miracast, DVD Player, Satellite tuner this multifunctional device will play whatever you need it to with zero hassle.

The HDMI input allows for the connection of external devices like game consoles or your laptop so you can share all your content on the big screen. You don’t have to worry about power either as long as there’s a socket nearby, this versatile little number packs its own battery.

Enjoying your favorite new sitcom on a big screen has never been more convenient. Whether you’re moving into a dorm room, an apartment, or just want to watch your new favorite TV show with clearer and brighter images than ever before – the Cello 24 inch 19″ inch ZRTMF0291 7200:1 is perfect for any situation. You can mount this high-quality television anywhere with the durable back kits included.

With a USB storage device attached, you can Pause, Rewind and Record live TV. Whether you have one person at home or there are multiples people watching from various locations, this universal remote controls it all from the convenience of your couch.

  • Attachable USB storage device for pause, rewind and record live TV
  • Can be mounted on a wall
  • Power options include 12V DC and 110-220v AC for all your charging needs, or you can plug in and go.
  • Larger size, not the best fit in a caravan.

Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV:

Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV with built in DVD, Satellite and Freeview, 12V, 24V & Mains. DVB-T2 & DVB-S2
  • 12/24 volt power lead for travel use plus mains adapter
  • Freeview HD and HD satellite receivers built in, built in DVD/CD player
  • Built in Bluetooth audio for soundbar or headphones
  • USB PVR function for pausing live TV and recording
  • Grade A LED Screen, very low power consumption 22 watts

The Sniper HD LED Travel TV is 22 inches, with a crisp and bright picture. It has USB technology for connectivity. What’s the best of all? It comes in its own carrying bag to take with you on your next trip.

The Spyder 22″ HD LED Travel TV is a great travel companion. It has an integrated USB player for connecting your devices and comes with a set of rechargeable batteries.

If you’re looking for a full HD experience that’s compact and easy to carry on, the Sniper 22″ HD LED Travel TV is just your speed. It has a 1080p display with long-lasting 26W 26,000 hours life LED-backlit LCD panel.

With its high power consumption of 832 watts, this bad boy is meant only for emergencies power outage situations when there’s no light in sight or if your boss asks you to work from home on a project which requires screen time.

The product comes with a set of accessories for optimal function: A two 12 volt DC car adapter plugs into any vehicle charger outlet, a 115 VAC universal input AC adapter plugs into regular wall outlets and includes built-in smart surge protection technology that protects itself and your devices from damage, remote control with both car battery clamps for 12-volt power sources.

No matter how big your purse is, you won’t be ashamed of hauling around this Sniper TV. With a 22 inch display and full HD motion clarity, it offers more features the competitors can only dream of.

Weighing in at less than two pounds, with a sleek frame that folds down to approx 21 inches for easy storing, there’s no reason not to come home from work on time tonight.

  • Two 12 volt car adapter plugs into any vehicle charger outlet
  • 115 VAC universal input AC adapters plug into regular wall outlets and includes built-in smart surge protection technology.
  • Heavy, not ideal for hiking.

Avtex 199DSFVP 19.5″ HD TV:

Avtex 199DSFVP 19.5" 12V/240V Wi-Fi Connected HD TV with Freeview Play
  • Full HD Connected TV - This TV is not a Smart TV but comes pre-loaded with applications. Avtex will continue to release software updates in order to expand this range. As of February 2021 the TV comes with the following applications - BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, UKTV Play, FreeviewPlay, CBS Catch-Up, Horror Bites, YouTube.
  • Ultra Compact - Completely immerse yourself in the action with this edge to edge frameless design with crystal clear sound. Wi-Fi built-in for connected services and extra channels but if you haven’t got an internet connection you can still enjoy HD TV through your regular aerial or satellite dish without the need for extra equipment.
  • Freeview Play and HD - Enjoy the biggest shows live and on demand all together in one place and all for free. Scroll forwards and backwards through the TV guide for 7-day catch up plus loads more on demand with BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play.
  • Features - DVBT & DVBT2 Digital Terrestrial Tuner = for use with aerials. DVB-S & DVB-S2 Digital Satellite Tuner = for use with Dishes. Powered by 12v / 24v DC or 240 volts AC for ultra-low power consumption.
  • - We are so confident with that we provide an unconditional 3 Year Manufacturers . Ensures long life and great value for money.

Watch your favorite programs on Avtex’s 199DSFVP 19.5″ HD TV with pre-loaded apps that include BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, and UKTV Play amongst others.

There is the added bonus of easily integrating your account to watch channels like CBS Catch Up without paying for subscriptions or making multiple log-ins. With full HD picture quality and integrated speakers, this product caters to all your entertainment needs at home with enjoyment close by.

When your life’s on the go, our COMPACT design won’t get in your way. Immerse yourself in the edge-to-edge crystal clear picture and stunning sound with this ultra-thin and versatile HDTV. Built-in WiFi: Connected services and extra channels without worrying about an internet connection.

Television has never been better, the ultimate viewing pleasure for any TV addict. Know what’s coming next with Freeview Play – watch it before it starts! With HD broadcasts and a 4K screen, immersive sound quality is so realistic you’ll have to remind yourself that your nose isn’t touching the settings panel. Not only this but this model features Ultra Brightness Technology so there are no compromises whilst enjoying programs or playing games on such an incredible device.

Experience true picture clarity with black levels as high as those found in movie theaters; now movies will never look better than on an Avtex 199DSFVP display.

The Avtex 199DSFVP is a sleek and highly versatile LCD TV designed to fit beautifully in any environment with 19.5″ HD picture quality, hands-free Smart Applications, USB playback device for MP3 input or file transfer in just seconds.

  • 19.50 Inch HD Display
  • Ultra Brightness Technology for no compromises when viewing your favourite programmes or playing games
  • Built-In WiFi: Connect to services and extra channels without worrying about an internet connection
  • No built-in battery.

Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5″ TV:

With the Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5″ TV you will be able to connect and watch anything from channels such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and UKTV Play straight on your TV. Keeping up with our offbeat style we have also pre-loaded Horror Bites and YouTube for your viewing pleasure! You’ll never miss any of those videos or playlists that you subscribed to again!

Whether you want to spend your hard-earned money on a new TV or not, our Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5″ is the only one for you out there right now. With its sleek frameless design and crystal clear sound, this is an experience like no other.

Do you branch out into other genres of entertainment besides TV? Do your weekends include pizzas nights, coffee with friends, or that occasional fishing trip then Avtex 219DSFVP is the television you need.

Immerse yourself in easy viewing thanks to Full HD 1080p resolution and its 21″ LED screens.

It’s also got two built-in tuners so adding onto this set will be easy when talking movies or live football direct from satellite channels to the oversize screens.

As low as $599 (plus any charges), this wicked good deal will make life more enjoyable in every way possible- wherever you are, with whoever you’re with! So what are you waiting for!?

  • Dual built-in tuners.
  • Easy viewing thanks to Full HD 1080p resolution and 21″ LED screens.
  • No WiFi, need internet connection for streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix through the TV itself. Best used with a laptop that connects to the television via HDMI cable (not included).


MOTORHOME CARAVAN BOAT KITCHEN 14 Inch LED Digital HD TV DVB-T2. Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. 12V 240V USB PVR & Media Player, HDMI CCTV Monitor by Unispectra® (For UK)
  • 14" DIGITAL LED TV: with DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview, Freeview HD and all Europe Free to The Air TV. HDMI In, 3.5mm AV In/Out, USB PVR & Media Player
  • IDEAL FOR: Motorhomes, Caravans, Lorry, Truck, Boats as can be powered by 240V AC or 12V DC (cigarette lighter 12V power lead include). It perfectly fit in the Kitchen, Homestead or can be used as a HDMI CCTV Monitor.
  • MEDIA PLAYER: Possibility of watching movies of various video formats (AVI, MKV, VOB), viewing pictures (JPEG, BMP) and listening to music (MP3, WMA) from a USB storage.
  • PVR: Possibility of recording TV programs on a USB storage (USB PVR function) with Time Shift function. EPG - Electronic program guide, Teletext, MHEG5.
  • COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT. The dimensions of this model are: 345x33x230 mm, weight 0.89 kg.

Perhaps you know your friends will never say “no” to going on a cross-country RV trip with you. But, this is not enough justification for spending more on a bigger camper.

Perhaps the compromise is finding something that comfortably sleeps more people and can also serve as an entertainment center. This Motorhome caravan 14 inches LED TV with DVB-T and DVB-T2 for Freeview HD might be just what you’re looking for.

The MOTORHOME CARAVAN 14 Inch LED Digital HD TV is perfect for all of your motorhome, caravan, truck, and boat needs. A universal voltage adapter allows easy plug-and-play setup on most vehicles. A built-in mounting bracket provides an elegant way to display the screen flush against the wall or corner of any room you choose.

This powerhouse of a vehicle has everything you would ever need on your camping trip, especially with the privilege of an LED TV. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and never miss another television show when you can mount this beauty to your LCD screen.

A super-fast processor gives high definition without any delay so whether you want to watch movies or listen to some tunes, this is it! Sometimes tethering up your car might be too much hassle when all you’re doing is plugging in for 30 minutes during lunchtime – just bring along our MEDIA PLAYER, PVR function included.

The MOTORHOME CARAVAN 14 Inch LED Digital HD TV is a lightweight and compact television. It displays in 1080p with a 1920×1080 resolution, meaning that details will be crisp, vibrant images every time.

  • No need for external power source.
  • Lightweight and compact television.
  • No built in battery, so it is not portable. Best used when plugged into a power source and wall outlet to run the television in motorhome, caravan or other mode of transport.

Why 12V Caravan TV’s Required?

Final Words:

If you’ve been looking for a 12V TV, there are plenty of options. The best caravan TVs offer features like LED backlighting and HD resolution to make your viewing experience better than ever before.

However, not all models are created equal in terms of design or performance so it’s important to understand the pros and cons before making your purchase decision. 

I hope this article has given you some clarity on what may be the best caravan tv available for sale today! Let us know in the comments if we missed anything that is important when considering where to buy these products online.