How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Candy Manufacturers Market Their Sweets

Chocolate, lollipops and hard candy are a staple in many people’s lives. Whether these sweets are bought as a treat or an indulgence, candy manufacturers must market their products in order to get them into the hands of potential customers. Marketing strategies can include point-of-sale displays, special-themed packaging and promotional campaigns that target certain holidays or events. Learn

Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are high-profile occasions when consumers buy a lot of confectionery. These holidays offer seasonal chances for candy makers to roll out candies tailored to celebrations, including branded wrapping and limited edition flavors. This type of marketing is a great way for candy brands to generate sales and brand awareness.

Advertising in trade publications such as the National Confectioners Association’s Candy & Snack TODAY can help candy marketers reach key decision-makers. Advertisements can highlight new flavors and promotions that will appeal to buyers, as well as educate them on candy and snack trends.

Satisfying Your Digital Sweet Tooth: A Candy Marketing Showcase

Social media is another great way to promote candy. Consider utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to create content that will attract the attention of your audience. These platforms provide the opportunity to post images of your candy and logo, create polls, and share videos that will encourage engagement.

Sponsorship opportunities are also ideal for promoting candy. Partnering with youth sports teams, school programs, community events and business mixers can boost exposure to potential buyers. These events can also include a booth where you can hand out samples of your candy to attendees.

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