Douglas Murray Prize, Volume 17 (2015)

RRR is pleased to announce the award of the Douglas Murray Prize for articles published in Reformation & Renaissance Review, volume 17 (2015). The adjudicating panel decided to split the prize of £1000 between two authors, so that each one will receive £500.

The first award has gone to  Professor Stanislaw Koziara of (Pedagogical University of Cracow) for his article: ‘The Current State of Research by Polish Linguists on the Brest Bible’ in RRR 17, No. 1 (2015): 63-72. Among comments from the panel were: ‘this well-crafted vignette, rendered in excellent English, will help bring the Brest Bible in its Reformation family context to global attention in an accessible manner’ … ‘it highlights very succinctly not only the impact of this Bible on vernacular religious language in Poland, but also potential avenues for further productive research.

The second award has gone to Frau Dr Iris Fleßenkämper  (University of Münster) for her article: ‘Taming Husbands: Women’s Use of Protestant Moral Codes in Post-Reformation Separation Cases in the German County of Lippe’ in RRR 17, No. 2 (2015): 142-54. Comments from the panel included: ‘high quality, primary source- and archive-based original research’ … ‘sinewy, elegant study demonstrating how in divorce cases some violently abused women, who were theologically literate, could skilfully employ religious concepts and invoke Reformed ethics to help justify their desperate pleas.

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