2015 Conference: Continuity and Discontinuity in the Reformation

The 22nd Annual Conference on the theme of Continuity and Discontinuity in the Reformation will be held at Westminster College, Cambridge, UK, 8-to April, 2015.

During the course of the sixteenth- and seventeenth centuries, Christianity in western and central Europe underwent dramatic, and often violent, transformation. Where there had been one church, there were now several, offering competing accounts of Christian theology, worshipping differently, and acknowledging diverse, contested authorities.  The discontinuities are obvious, even where Reformers claimed continuity with a sometimes distant past.

Scholarly debate in recent decades, however, has drawn attention also to the ways in which doctrine and piety endured across the years of the Reformation.  Many aspects of reform were out-workings of impulses already present in late medieval Christianity, rather than departures from it.  This conference explores these continuities as well as the discontinuities:  how great were religious changes in reality, and how wide a gulf did the Reformation actually represent? We therefore invite papers (25 minutes maximum) considering these themes of continuity and discontinuity in the Reformation(s): European and British, Protestant and Catholic.

We therefore invite papers (25 minutes maximum) considering these themes of continuity and discontinuity in the Reformation(s): European and British, Protestant and Catholic.

Leading us in the consideration of this theme will be: 

  • Dr Kenneth Austin (University of Bristol),
  • Dr Nathalie Krentz (University of Erlangen)
  • Dr Laura Sangha (University of Exeter), 


  • Professor David Steinmetz (Duke University). (For health reasons, Professor Steinmetz’s paper will be presented by Dr Mickey Mattox.)

A booking form can be downloaded here: SRS 2015 Booking Form or contact accounts@reformationstudies.net.  Credit card bookings can be made at https://srs2015.eventbrite.com (additional charges apply). The deadline for bookings is 15 February, 2015.

Paper proposals, including title and an abstract of 150-200 words, should be sent to charlotte.methuen@glasgow.ac.uk by 31 January 2015.

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