Welcome to the website of the Society of Reformation Studies. The Society is based in the United Kingdom, but encourages membership from anyone with a scholarly interest in Reformation and Renaissance theology, spirituality and related disciplines.

leafsmall You can download the society’s constitution here.

Membership of the Society is open to all with a scholarly interest in the Renaissance, Reformation and related disciplines.

The Society sponsors an annual Conference at Westminster College, Cambridge, UK, which is known for its scholarly and friendly atmosphere. There is usually a keynote paper from an established scholar in the field, but the vast majority of papers are from members, who are encouraged to share their work with others.

The annual membership fee is currently £10.00 p.a. However, you may combine this with a reduced subscription to the Society’s journal Reformation and Renaissance Review (currently £45.00) for £40.00.

For further information on membership and the Society’s journal Reformation & Renaissance Review, please e-mail the Treasurer Dr Charlotte Methuen.

leafsmall You can download a membership form here.